AIRO 2012

Trafita will be present at nazional congress AIRO

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AIRO 2012

Trafita will be present at nazional congress AIRO

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Terason introduces the new look of ultrasound.

A fusion of cutting-edge technology and ease-of-use, the uSmart 3200T brings you crystal clear images, grab-and-go portability and an intuitive user interface that defines simplicity. Developed by clinicians for clinicians, the newest member of the Terason ultrasound family affords quick and easy start-up, ideal for Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia and Critical Care in nearly any setting. With our exclusive Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV), the uSmart 3200T is one powerful machine.

Gold Standard, Crystal Clear Images...You have to see it to believe it.

As an industry pioneer, Terason developed and is the first to patent color portable ultrasound. Since then, our razor-sharp image quality has earned a reputation for excellence. The uSmart 3200T captures every detail, subtlety and nuance that others overlook. The AHVA LCD provides consistent image quality from multiple viewing angle.

Grab-and-Go Portability

As part of one of the most comprehensive product families in the industry, the uSmart 3200T weighs in at just under 5 pounds. The touchscreen interface, small footprint and space-saving power dock can go anywhere you need quickly and easily.It’s ready when you are!

Terason’s uSmart Technology

We developed our first signal-processing technology decades ago, our crystal clearimage quality is among the best in theindustry and our exclusive features setthe standard of excellence for quality,flexibility and productivity.


Terason Introduces the Next Generation: Enhanced NeedleVisualization (ENV)

As a leader in ultrasound, Terason is pleased to introduce ENV. This cutting-edge feature provides needle visualization unlike any other : Frame rate stability - One button operation - Works with all needle gauges - 15L transducer solution - Easy to use.

The Terason uSmart 3200Tis an indispensable tool for point-of-care applications like: Anesthesia - Breast - Critical Care - Emergency Medicine - Musculoskeletal - Vascular Access.