AIRO 2012

Trafita will be present at nazional congress AIRO

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AIRO 2012

Trafita will be present at nazional congress AIRO

More Info  AIRO

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Beta Gamma Detector to search for the sentinel lymphnode.

It has a wide range of wired and wireless probes for all anatomical districts.

Powered by rechargeable batteries with over 10 hours of operation. Possibility to choose the desired radionuclide and does not require calibration prior to use.

Also it is the only system that has the ability to perform the test to verify the calibration of the energy window, which thanks to them you avoid the scattering of photons resulting highly precise and reducing the search time of the lymphnode




Stratos Total Body

Bone densitometer with DEXA's technology.
Last generation in the field of measurement of BMD.
Includes all options for the analysis of fat-free mass and fat mass, lateral scans, orthopedic and pediatric software, all with scans in 30 sec. by section.









Terason uSmart


Developed by clinicians for clinicians, the newest member of the Terason ultrasound family affords quick and easy start-up, ideal for Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia and Critical Care in nearly any setting. With our exclusive Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV), the uSmart 3200T is one powerful machine




Terason uSmart


A fusion of cutting-edge high technology and for simplicity of use, makes dell'uSmart 3300 an innovative and intuitive system with superior performance.

The uSmart 3300 offers crystal clear images with the brilliant images providing a sensitivity for the first-class image quality.