AIRO 2012

Trafita will be present at nazional congress AIRO

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AIRO 2012

Trafita will be present at nazional congress AIRO

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Home Products DYNASIL - NAVIGATOR 2.0 Sentinel Node Mapping System
DYNASIL - NAVIGATOR 2.0 Sentinel Node Mapping System


New Wireless System with Tenology by Peer to Peer

Accepts wired & wireless Probes

The Navigator™2.0 GPS system is used in a sentinel node mapping procedure.

The system is designed and manufactured by RMD Instruments Corp and Dynasil Product of Watertown, MA. 
The Navigator system is RMD's most popular system.


  1. DISPLAY shows the event rate in counts per second.
  2. Audible signal starts in most sensitive range - X1 - to indicate changes in low event rates.
  3. The RMD probes (see opposite page) have a stable and common gain across all probe models:
  4. No calibration of probe to control unit is required before use.
  5. Control Unit circuitry powers up immediately. No delay by a computer boot sequence.
  6. NEW!· Isotope Indicator. Four are located inside display window. One illuminates.
    Provides visual confirmation of user-selected position of rear-panel ISOTOPE Control. Set-up is easier.
    Isotope Indicator helps ensure that system is configured properly for a procedure.


· THRESHOLD Control is already ON. This position reduces energy-scattered events
in signal.
· Press THRESHOLD Control OFF to increase sensitivity to isolated sites.
· ISOTOPE Control on rear-panel includes Tc-99m position, In-111, I-131, and I-125.
NEW! · 511 keV ready. When 511 keV position of ISOTOPE INDICATOR is illuminated, control
unit accommodates a Navigator™ Gamma-PET probe for radiopharmaceuticals such as
FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose) and the detection of 511 keV photons.

· Each new detected event is instantaneously represented in the audible signal. No delay.

· Bright Green Vacuum Fluorescent Display is easily viewable at a distance.
· Counts per second. Press the COUNT Button, 10 second timed count.
NEW! · Improved Display of Ten Second Count. 10 second timed count total is shown for a longer
period of time to allow a user to observe and record the total count.

· Standard Lymphatic Mapping Probe shown above.
· Numerous probe models are available from RMD.
· Control Unit is designed, manufactured, sold, and serviced by RMD Instruments Corp.