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AIRO 2012

Trafita will be present at nazional congress AIRO

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Trimprobe - Tissue Resonance Interaction Methods

TRIMProbe is a non-invasive electro medical device for the diagnosis of tumour pathologies.
By interacting with the patient's metabolism, TRIMprob is able to reveal the health of the organ being examined and locate any anomalous conditions, distinguishing between benign and malignant pathologies.





The uniqueness of the technology behind its products puts TRIMprob S.p.A. at the forefront of the international market in electro medical devices for prevention and diagnostics.
TRIMprob has proved to be an invaluable tool in fighting neoplases.

To carry out a diagnostic analysis, the TRIMprob is positioned against the patient and moved slowly along the body, close to the organ or in contact with the area to be examined.



Sensitivity between 90% and 95%
Specificity between 60% and 70%

The TRIMprob device has been successful in diagnosis of the prostate of over 20,000 patients. In particular, it has proved effective in identifying the pathologies of this organ, distinguishing malignant types (carcinomas) from others (prostate hyperplasia, prostatitis).

As a valuable complement to traditional diagnosis, it represents a decisional tool for excluding the presence of malignant formations.
The examination of the prostate, which at most takes just ten minutes, is carried out by placing the probe in contact with the perineum zone of a standing patient.

Through slow circular and undulating movements of the probe, the gland under examination is explored using the electromagnetic signal emitted. The presence of malignant or benign pathologies gives rise to particular patterns of signals, whose own distinct and unequivocal features can be viewed.

TRIMprob has successfully passed phase II and III testing, reaching average sensitivity values of 90% to 95%, and specificity values of 60% to 70%.
These results mean that the tool is a leading instrument for identification or exclusion of malignant pathologies. Strengthened by its success and in response to calls from the scientific world, TRIMprob S.p.A. is continuing in an intense programme of research and testing, investing all available resources.



Sensitivity and specificity above 90%

Phase III testing, aimed at assessing the diagnostic value of the TRIMprob for neoplastic pathologies of the bladder, has been completed.

The above 90% accuracy of the examination, its non-invasiveness, the speed of execution and the immediacy of the results, identify TRIMprob as not just a device for specialist use, but also as a unique and invaluable tool for screening population categories at risk.



TRIMprob generates a special electromagnetic field of very low power, below that produced by a cordless phone.The interaction of the field with the biological matter takes place at microscopic level.

The levels of interference between TRIMprob and the biological structure being examined are analysed by a receiver, processed through proprietary algorithms, and displayed in real-time to the doctor in an easy-to-interpret graphic form.

The device provides the “electromagnetic” response associated with the pathological state of the organ being examined, rather than its morphological image.
Dr. Clarbruno Vedruccio discovered the principle on which TRIMprob works and is the brainchild behind its technology.
The electromagnetic “heart” of the device is based on a technology he has patented, known as HSM (Hybrid State Maser).


Technical Specification